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Introducing Presta™

At T3, we recognized the need for a more appealing and efficient display product. Contrary to traditional displays that rely on hard-wall or tension-fabric components, Presta™ is a patented magnetic panel system that allows installers to snap printed panels onto a 20-foot trade show booth wall in just ten seconds. Like Lincoln Logs or Legos, Presta™ panels snap together quickly and easily for a one-of-a-kind, custom display, and disassembly is just as easy. Presta™ panels can be used for registration back walls, counters, entranceways, exhibits, video walls, bookstores, demo stations and more.

“We created Presta™ technology because we knew there had to be a better, easier, more thoughtful way to creating trade show displays and delivering customized but flexible experiences for our clients.”

–Chris Valentine, CEO.

Reducing Complexity

With the Presta™ technology, we have flexibility up to the night before the event. Our Eventgineers™ can completely rebrand tradeshows in less than a day with the aid of this technology — a request that remains nearly impossible using traditional tradeshow tools and systems. This flexibility allows us to focus on building experiences and fostering shareable moments rather than dealing with assembly logistics.

Enhancing Graphics

In delivering custom experiences, Presta™ allows us to create more versatile visuals with rich wraps and seamless brand messages, all while using the same standard metal frames that tradeshow laborers are accustomed to using.

Saving Time and Money

The Presta™ panel system does not cost more than traditional trade show wall structures and assembly. In fact, there are no storage or refurbishing fees, and you’ll save on labor fees by drastically decreasing the time needed for installers to set up your display.

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