How It All Began

Our Story

Reinvention is needed to grow. The tried and true has a way of sticking around — often long past its welcome. Even the most groundbreaking innovations become go-to practices with enough time, and they can lead to an all-too-familiar reliance on past success. That was the case for the general service contractor industry. For years, contractors held closely to tradition despite the rapidly changing landscape of technology. The result: skewed project timelines and inflated costs. We knew it was time for things to change.

T3 Expo began as a response to the challenges we’d seen in our industry. Instead of sticking to comfort zones, we chose to champion leading-edge tech and on-demand services in the name of shareable moments™. Years later, we’ve built a reputation in exactly that. Our Presta™ Magnetic Panel System and our unrivaled I&D services create a suite of GSC capabilities you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

We’ve created a company big enough to handle the needs of all our clients, from startups to high-profile brands. It’s all part of keeping our commitment to creating solutions that work for you.

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Membership associations

  • IAEE
  • asae
  • pcma
  • EDPA
  • US Green Building Council
  • AMPS
  • MPI
  • Digital Signage Association
  • PMI
  • HCEA

Awards & recognition

  • IAEE Art of the Show 2016 Honorable Mention

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