Unlearning your way to success

As the old saying goes “it is impossible for a man to begin to learn that which he thinks he knows.”  At T3 Expo, we are making sure we uncover and discover what we don’t know and learn from it… for the benefit of our customers and the industry.

When we stay open to learning new things, it opens up channels of new thinking and creativity. Unlearning doesn’t require you to toss out all your accumulated experiences or presume previous know-how will keep you from success. Rather, it asks that you stay open to different ways of getting things done—and that is what T3 Expo is all about.

When people think, “This is how we did it before,” you miss learning and creating new opportunities for your clients, and really listening to what the client might want and need from you as their consultant.

We have put together a three part series that will identify three steps to successful discovery and we will share them over the next month.

Our discovery process is about finding out what our customers really want and need. It is about listening!  And, this starts at the beginning of the relationship -- the beginning of the sales process.

The Discovery Step Processes, which is essential to understanding, winning and onboarding a client successfully, begins where most things do….with Step 1!

Step 1: The Question Stage

If your starting point is to name and identify potential solutions before unlearning and listening, it is unlikely to lead to anything creative, new or “outside” of what you already know. It will also not make a client feel like you understand them or the essence of whom they are and what they are trying to achieve. No one wants a cookie-cutter approach.

Asking questions are, therefore, some of the most important things we do. Get the client to also unlearn what they know, and together, you will really find success. Be attentive with the client; don’t box them into an experience that you already know and remind them of why you are there together – to create and uncover something truly unique.

The question and uncovering stage is critical to any type of discovery and will provide a platform for what is to come and any creativity that develops.

Great, now you’ve got your client to “unknow.”  Step 2 will help you fill the void you have created and problem solve through technology and creativity. Stay tuned -- and in the meantime reach out to us to get some tips and see what we can do for you.