Define, Deliberate and Design your way to Discovery

We believe that each step in a discovery process is essential to understanding and onboarding a client successfully. As part of our series on Steps to Discovery, we are focusing today on Step 2 – and how it will lead the way to your journey of discovery.

Now that you’ve got your client to ask questions and “unknow” the way they have always done things, and start to think differently, in Step 1, you have created a void that needs to be filled with “now what.” Filling that void together, and projecting yourself into helping solve the problem, is critical for success. So, where do you go from here?

Define – This is where we learn about you, your attendees, and your exhibitors. We immerse ourselves in your domain and define the scope. This process began with our first meeting, and we work to infuse the learning into all that we do with you. What are you trying to communicate to your attendees, your organization, and your management? Let’s try to define it.

Deliberate - We work to apply our problem-solving skills and adapt experiential knowledge to begin to think of ways to deliberately enhance your audience’s experience. We show you that your goals matter and apply metaphors through tangible environments that strike an emotional chords.

Design – Once we find out what motivates and drives decisions across your audiences, we develop visual storytelling environments that create shareable moments on your show floor. This way, what you are creating becomes relevant and meaningful to your audience.

Within Step 2, we start to really discover and uncover! It is where the creative process comes to life. Now it is time to do more work!

Step 3: Our team of T3 Expo Eventgineers supports you and makes the vision a reality. See what the next step is all about in our next post.