How do you innovate?

When we started 2020, could you ever imagine that hybrid/blended events would be all the rage? Neither did we. We love meeting in person and sharing information. However, we also love events, and sharing knowledge, and connecting. Hybrid/blended events allow that to happen for brands and we are all supporting these events in creative ways. Innovation has been birthed across all industries, and we have certainly experienced that across the events industry. Let’s take a look at some creative thoughtful experiential ideas and concepts that many companies are utilizing to continue to experience those sharable moments.

Digital and Physical Co-existing: Retailers have moved from “victim to victorious.” Collaborative curations from different retail locations can create one unique, eye-catching and fun shopping experience. Housed within a fantastic display, products, and curations can be interacted with using phones to scan and purchase items, and then have them packaged and delivered curbside. Why does this work? Customer success that showcases how an industry has pivoted and thrived is a great physical analogy to apply to any attendee’s business. It’s an example of putting the customer at the center to “invest with intent” of a ”single view of inventory” and of the customer.

Mesmerize: In partnership with a digital artist like Refik Anadol, Oraclecan you could create an incredible, captivating design to illuminate a projection map as a means to involve more attendees in a socially distanced manner. Using a projection array, you could choose a highly visible and usable canvas to display awesome visuals to the community. Why does this work? It captivates attendees and is a way to reinforce the one view of the customer.

Customer Success TikTok Spots: Create Tik-Tok worthy spaces within the event space. Why it works? By going behind-the-scenes, you can showcase to attendees how everything is coming together. FOMO moment! Get the latest dance move created at your event to make “the kids at home” jealous.

Mini Theatre Lounge: Design a stage and lounge that is socially distant and allows for easy hybrid viewing. Why it works? Socially distanced never felt this cool.

Zoomathon Party: Host a  public escape room and Cards Against Humanity via Zoom with attendees there and remote. For those into serious gaming, create an E-Sports arcade zone by inviting people to show their skills on Zoom. How about even considering a hack-a-thon that incorporates some of the fun elements from above. Why it works? By incorporating varying levels of gaming across ability and generations, Oracle and Zoom is providing the means for everyone to participate.

Local NBA All Stars: Invite guests to participate in a skills, slam dunk or 3-point contest. Why it works? Who doesn't love to slam the competition? Chose customers to participate.

Is this creative enough for you? If there is anything that 2020 has taught us, it is that we aren’t done being creative, thinking outside the box, or inventing new ways of doing things.  So let me leave you with two of our favorite quotes.

As Jonathan Schattke, the scientist said,  "Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife." And, author Charles Dickens wrote, "The whole difference between construction and creation is this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists."